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The Future of Women's Magazines: Where 'Free Love'-Era Advice Lost Modern Readers Like Me

On January 1, the Washington Post published a report titled "Women’s magazines are dying. Will we miss them when they’re gone?" In the lengthy feature, Lavanya Ramanathan details the history of women's magazines that began in the 1960s, noting their rise to prominence at a time when women's ideas in society were less likely to be taken seriously. Sexism was much more rampant than it is today, and feminists like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were pursuing avenues to spread their messages of eq

How I Discovered Empowerment Through Sewing

When I was younger, I attended a sewing camp where I was taught the basics of sewing techniques. Each summer, while other kids went away for weeks of roughing it in tents and cabins, and chowing down on classic campfire fare after long days of physical activity, I would pack my pattern and fabric and gear up for a week of non traditional camp complete with sewing lessons and a fashion show to flaunt what we had made. I attended this camp for more than five years until I aged out. After my camp

How The Latest 'A Star Is Born' Compares To the Others

I watched all four versions of the iconic film this weekend, and here's what I think. This past weekend, the much anticipated, “A Star is Born” starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was released, bringing in a whopping $41.3 million. I was one of the many who sat in the theater, completely locked into the story for the over two-hour run time. To say I enjoyed the movie would be an understatement. A Star is Born tells the story of Jackson Maine, an alcoholic country-rock star, whose career is q

What My Italian Family Taught Me About Community That Our World Could Use More of Right Now

When my grandmother died, I was forced to rethink how I could keep our traditions alive. In December my grandmother died after a long battle with Alzheimer's. I'm a fourth-generation Italian, and my grandmother was the epicenter of our world. At her funeral, I pondered how our family would fare without its matriarch; I began to fear that without her, we might lose the togetherness that is so central to an Italian family's lifeblood. I was overcome by an urgency to hold onto the lessons she and

‘Cheat Days’ Work—But You Might Be Doing Them Wrong

Are you missing out on the real benefits of giving yourself a break? Cut carbs. Avoid sugar. Only plants. Increasing pressures to keep up with the latest diets, weight loss and health food trends often make it seem like eating healthy means depriving ourselves. Who can possibly stick to such strict standards? Most people end up throwing up their hands and giving up or stuck in an endless cycle of diet fads. In the wake of restrictive dieting, the idea of the "cheat day" has emerged. You eat re

Bill Cosby’s Bizarre Attempt to School Us About Sexual Assault

Last week, Bill Cosby’s representatives announced that Cosby will be conducting a series of town hall meetings that will aim to assist young men in how to avoid accusations of sexual assault. This announcement came just a day after his own sexual assault trial ended in a mistrial due to a hung jury. Cosby’s rep Andrew Wyatt said, “This issue can affect any young person — especially young athletes of today, and they need to know what they are facing when they are hanging out and partying, when t

I’ll Never Wear a Hijab, But I Love the Reasons Why These Women Do

Growing up, I always valued modesty. My parents raised me to respect myself, and how I dress is certainly a big part of that. But in my mind, to be covered was something people did for others, especially for men. I’ve often been self-conscious about how people view my appearance, but I have slowly grown to remind myself that my brain and my heart are what they should care about. And part of my inspiration for that came from the most unlikely place—my Muslim friends who wear the hijab. The word

Kylie Jenner’s Latest Interview Is a Rare Glimpse Into the Side of Social Media We All Dread

A lifetime of fame has made the Snapchat star confused about her own identity and worth. An average day in Kylie Jenner’s life seems, to put it mildly, envy-inducing. The social media star’s day includes anything from cinnamon roll waffles, to impromptu visits to her mom’s custom closet housing exclusively Hermès Birkin bags, to throwing lavish parties for her friends. What a life! At least, that’s the story Snapchat tells us. It seems no one knows exactly how many people tune into her short-l

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Sleeping in the Rub' al-Khali Desert | Saatva

Growing up in Michigan, it was beyond my very active imagination that at 20, I would find myself halfway across the world, sleeping out in the open in the Rub’ al-Khali desert. My freshman year of college led me down a different path than I had envisioned after I found myself in an honors seminar course on the Islamic Middle East. It wasn’t my first choice—that was a seminar on national security—and little did I know at the time, but the experience would steer me toward a deep love affair with

When Thor’s Mom Says Your Tagline . . .

Light spoilers ahead . . . although if you were going to see Avengers: Endgame, you’ve probably seen it by now, right? Avengers: Endgame, the final installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avenger series came out weeks ago, and unless you have been under a rock or have zero interest in the franchise (Nebula, who?), you’ve probably already seen the movie. For fans, the movie was such a compelling final saga and provided such satisfying closure, that it’s hard not to continue reflecting and

The Therapeutic Power of Laughing at Yourself

Because we can't control what happens to us—but we can control our reactions. I was what can only be described as a spaz during an interview. (I somehow got a second chance.) I broke up with my boyfriend and accidentally pooped my pants all in one week (I was 21). I tried to demonstrate a high kick, only to go flying backwards. I took a bite of wasabi thinking it was guacamole, only to black out for an unknown period of time. An elephant, and a hyper-sensitive anxious female, never forgets,

"Period. End of Sentence." Deserved Its Oscar and Deserves Your Attention

The 26-minute documentary that sheds a light on the period taboo That Time of the Month. A Visit from Aunt Flo. My Monthly. The Red Devil. So rarely do women directly say what they mean when it comes to their periods; rather we choose to refer to it by funny or mysterious monikers. This is why the documentary, Period. End of Sentence., the 2019 Oscar winner for Best Documentary Short, is so important. The title alone makes clear that the film doesn’t sugarcoat what the average woman deals with

How Julia Michael’s Relatable Hit ‘Anxiety’ Moves Past Awareness to Understanding

Selena Gomez teamed up with Julia Michaels to sing, “Anxiety,” a track released just weeks ago, on Michaels newest EP, Inner Monologue: Part I. If you are wondering who Julia Michaels is, you will might recognize her from her 2017 pop single “Issues,” but honestly if you are familiar with radio pop hits, you’ve heard her work before. Michaels is a songwriter, and she has been composing songs for pop stars such as Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Demi Lovato for quite some time. In “Anxiety,” the album

Five Memorable Moments from Last Night's Oscars

We've watched it for you. The Oscars forged ahead this year without a host, following the step down of former host pick, comedian Kevin Hart. Nevertheless, as the old adage goes, the show must go on, and fears that the broadcast would be a total trainwreck were quelled, following a rocking opening by Queen and the hilarious onstage banter of three of our “Favourite” funny ladies, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler. While the evening’s entertainment value was mostly lackluster, this year’s

Women "Have Not Felt Heard" In Their Search for Natural Alternatives to Birth Control

A survey of Canadian women showed that they are using birth control less than they did a decade ago, and, according to an article by Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), are opting for “less effective” methods. The survey conducted by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC), polled more than 3,200 Canadian women and found that more women than ever are moving away from oral contraceptives and opting for the notably less successful condom or “pull out” method. To

What My Mentors Taught Me About God

I never thought I would need any hand-holding as an adult. I naively believed that one day I would wake up and find myself graduated to adulthood, and that going it alone was one of the true signs that I had reached this milestone. The truth of the matter is that now, as an adult, I need guidance and mentorship more than ever. I can think of three people whom I consider mentors. They have all come into my adult life at different times, usually when I needed them the most, and they have all s